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MOLE POBLANO – Recipe for Love & Strength

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

I decided to start with my favourite dish from the Mexican cuisine, EL MOLE POBLANO. This is one of the most complex Mexican dishes, since the simplest recipe can contain up to 18 ingredients. I will provide the recipe and talk more about its roots in my second post.

The heroine who shared this recipe with me is my grandma Carmen. She has been half of my everything (the other half is my dad) since my mother died when I was 2 years old. This dish is the perfect formula to explain her character, a mix of love and infinite strength.

Carmen Demetria Maria Carmen (known as Mama Carmelita) was born in one of the most important ports of Mexico, Veracruz. The sun, the sea and the danzon music shaped her dark chocolate skin body.

Since very little she showed that strength (like the strong flavour of Mole’s chillies) do not always comes in a big packaging, as my granny is just around 1.55 m tall. She lost her mom when she was 7 months old and this was only one of the many tests that she had to overcome.

She moved to Mexico City when she was 18 years old and there she met the only love of her life, my grandpa Alfredo. At 20 years old the first of eight children arrived, my dad Alfredo. Alfredo, Miguel, Armando, Jesus, Sergio, Jorge, Mari Carmen and Javier (7 men and 1 woman) kept her often in the kitchen. For this reason, one of the ways to show her love to them was through her delicious dishes. After 22 years of marriage at the age of 42 she became widow with 8 kids under her wings. How she survived, I don’t really know. I guess certain things can be explained only as forces of the nature, as she is.

Two “antagonistic” ingredients of Mole explain the personality of Carmen. She is strong and with a decisive character, worthy of comparison with her culinary compatriots: chillies. Sweet and comforting as chocolate, that makes you feel you have the force to conquer anything and go out to discover the world.

At 84 years old she is still the head of the Chavez Fernandez family. Her temper has been the perfect recipe to overcome the many battles she had.

Why I decided to talk about her through the Mole? Well, because I feel invincible when that magic dark and spicy salsa enters in my body. Exactly how she taught me to be while I was growing up.




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